Lent update 3/13/19

Cheese/no dairy

Well, I tell myself not to have any cheese and then of course almost every day this week I had some thing with cheese in it. The cheese tortellini fucked me up the most. I’m for sure in denial about my lactose in tolerance.

Red meat

Last Saturday, we definitely went out for Korean BBQ so that’s also been successful.

Social Media

I haven’t checked instagram or twitter once. Facebook maybe once or twice.. to promote a show!


I had an audition on Monday. For a print ad. Which never happens for me. So that was exciting. Other than that..

I think I’ve been pretty successful. It’s almost as if my brain and body was like, “oh you mean like no ____ at all?! Ok every day!!” especially about cheese. I have noticed that I am so bloated. Have FINALLY stopped bleeding and am back on track with my period. I guess the dairy helped? or not/ Idk.

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