Conspiracy to prevent us from gathering

How much fear is out there right now? From the shootings to the lingering silent COVID floating around picking and choosing who to infect, how scared are artists to create with others? what does this mean for the future of theater and other community events? I came back home in April a little over a month ago now to start rehearsal for a new work. Nene was also due around the same time as that would begin so a bunch of new beginnings and a new work relationship with another fellow artist. I was daunted and excited for this challenge. Somewhere along the way I forgot that I didn’t actually have a place to stay. lol. My parents graciously offered their room to me and things were seemingly fine until Ms Rona made her way back in. 3 infections in the house. 3 positive cases. A multigenerational multi family home, where most if not all the adults are considered essential workers. Rehearsals have been paused and work resumes. Luckily I have 2 office spaces in the City I can get away to to pursue any other work if I needed to. If I had the capacity to. As usual I came back so motivated and ready to create only to be met with the reality of a lack of care at home and work to be done. I’m unearthing a lot of the lessons I thought I had already processed and overcame, I’m suddenly re triggered by things..but I have found a way to stay centered through it all. With frequent outbursts of movement and ranting texts to Ed, who also during the run of his show in NY tested positive. It’s disheartening. It’s frustrating. And it’s EXHAUSTING. On the plus side I am grateful for such thoughtful and careful artistic relationships that each persons mental health is considered. There are options to move forward. How is the question. During the height of the protests and community organizing last summer, even 2 summers ago, stricter masks mandates were put in place and curfews for some places. Now as artists find their footing, we are once again being asked to reconsider. I’m trying not to take any of this personally. Maybe we all needed the time to rest and recalibrate. Maybe I rushed into it, maybe I was thinking about my ego and not my body, my mind, my spirit. I jumped in the river and I learned that the water is different but the river is still in the same place. This place, it’s changed.

One response to “Conspiracy to prevent us from gathering”

  1. One of the things I love about theatre as an art form is that it’s collaborative: you need other people to make it happen, even with a solo show (something you know about better than any of us 😁). As with theatre, so too with health and activism: we take care of each other.

    The curfews were an attempt to stifle free speech, but the mandates saved lives – taking them away when the pandemic is not over is absurd. As such, we have to protect each other because our elected leaders “just don’t wanna”.


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