January 9th Reflection

Vacation mode powering off…
Spent a week and and some change in LA with my Bubs. Here are some highlights Fb world and future me who will see this in a year and wonder what we we did in no particular order:
* Had dinner with Ashraf Dahud twice was introduced to the most bomb food I’ve had in a long time,
* Caught up with the coolest parents in the world Charlette Ilene Rawls and Richie Ferris and listened to the sweet baby focus murmers of BB Ruthie
* Finally went up to Griffith Park then decided to climb the mountain in front of it
* Hiked Runyan Canyon, saw a hostage situation unfold. Anti-climatic ending
* Ran in to Julia Nardi-Loving briefly in the line for Haunted Mansion and received the best hug ever
* Got Disneyland Annual Passes !!! and plan to celebrate love and career and life and each other more this year with Ed Gonzalez Moreno
* Spent NYE with Francis Dominic and his all star cast of friends who welcomed us (mostly Ed and his biceps) in with open arms
* Recorded video auditions, signed a contract, and said yes to a challenging project
* Consumed too much wine and woke up in the middle of the night in pain thanks to Biliary Colic
* Accepting the fact that my body has changed and I need to change the way I take care of it
* Drove down to SD for an audition and then back to LA then up to The Bay
* Reflected on our relationship and how we want to continue to grow and love each other in a positive way
It’s so easy to remember the hard moments bc trauma is comfortable for me, remembering the negative is how my brain is programmed and conditioned to feel safe.
I’m really trying to make an effort at all the GOOD things that happen this year and feel the uncomfortability of being happy and positive with ease and vulnerability.
No more sad girl stories.

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